Open Mic Night

Tomorrow night, Thursday Jan 13 at 6:00, I will be reading a short story at the UW sponsored open mic called The Monthly Quorum located at the Henry Art Gallery Cafe.  If you somehow become a reader before then, which is unlikely because I opened the site last night in a half asleep waking dream, you should stop by, listen to me stutter and say “Hi”.  I promise, if you buy me a drink I will be very pleasant.

While this will not be my first open mic, it will be my first where I read a short story (The Monthly Quorum leans toward story and poetry readings rather than music, though they let you play music too.  That is, I assume it is leaning toward stories and poetry, I’ve never been before.  What if its not?  What if you read this, show up, watch a bunch of Folk singers, and here I am shrugging and shaking my head.  Well, then you’d definately better buy me a drink.)  I’ve been to a bunch of open mics in the past where I sang my own particular brand of ‘muzak’ even though I’m not that great of a singer.  I still had some kid ask me for his autograph, so I signed a beer stained napkin, winked and said “here’s lookin’ at you kid”.  I am prone to embellishment, by the way.  It’s all right though, I’m a writer.

I plan on reading my short story “Tall People” because it has served me well in the past (I showed it to a director and he asked me to adapt it into a script for him.  The movie will be in production next month I think.).  It has a very hopeful atmosphere about the whole story, but it turns very dark at the end, so I am curious to see how people react.  I’m sure someone will be pissed, but I’ve been practicing my Mauy Thai after watching Ong-Bak and Human Weapon, in other words I hop through the air flailing my arms and legs when nobodies watching.

So, hope to see you there, but it’ll be a miracle if I do.  Either way, wish me luck.  When I do this professionally I swear I’ll bring my own recliner…


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