Open Mic: Afterword

I just got back from the open mic at the Henry Art Museum, but better than that, I convinced a good buddy of mine, Acey, to come with me. We hung out with some kids in the cafe, they all brought their notebooks with poems, their guitars; I brought my short story “Tall People”.

Right here should be the video I was going to record, me reading “Tall People” in public for the first time, but fate had other plans.  I asked Acey to familiarize himself with the camera, we were borrowing it from my friend Chad, and I wanted to make sure there were no hick ups.  He slides in the tape, which cost me $10 from Radioshack (rip off), and after a second of fiddling with it he looks over at me and says, “I put the tape in backwards, yeah, it’s jammed.”  I didn’t get the tape out till just a few minutes ago.  So there is no video.  Perhaps next time.

I read the story and I only stuttered two or three times, which I was proud of.  As I was leaving the open mic, a girl took me to the side and briefly introduced me to the editor of some magazine.  They told me to submit the piece and it will be published, so I sent it in, and now heres to crossing our fingers that they go through with it.  I also submitted another short story of mine which is part of a series of stories called “The Cowboy Grim Reaper: in The Face of Death”.  It is my tale of a soldier who is nick named “The Cowboy Grim Reaper”, but I won’t go into specifics.  Once it’s published you can read it.

After the Open Mic, Acey and I headed down to Flowers where we drank a glass of Hendrick’s Gin, which I maintain is the best Gin out there and thus the best alcohol, and munched on a hummus plate.  I just have to say, if you live in the Seattle area, be sure to check out Flowers, great food, fantastic drink selection, everything a starving artist could want.

Finally, I have decided not to post any of my work in its written form until it has been published.  However, video of me at readings, or recordings I will post.  This way I can still, hopefully, get paid for some of my stories without them being “previously published”.  Yes, that’s lame, but when you drive a car with a missing window and stolen stereo, and can’t afford to get replacements you’ll understand.  However, in the coming months, I’m going to try to flood this blog with content if I can.  In fact, right now I’m going upload a few recordings.


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