Seasick Steve: Side of the Road Blues

I discovered Seasick Steve not to long ago while stumbling around the internet.   A side of the road old school blues singer, just like a man with a hearty beard like that should be.  His voice is weathered, a man who’s slept under bridges and held onto enough gumption to sing these blues.  Do yourself a favor and watch the videos at the end of the post.

What struck me wasn’t just how great his music is, although it is fantastic, what struck me was how much he reminded me of a character from my novel in progress, “Everything Else By The Wayside”, who goes by several names (Chris/Nemo/Old Man Nobody).

Chris too is a side of the road blues singer, or he becomes one through the course of the novel; I was thinking of calling it “Nemo Sings the Blues” for the longest time, but after much debate I settled on “Everything Else By The Wayside”.

There are several aspects of Seasick Steve that remind me of my character Chris, but I think its best summed up in a quote from the video below, “You choose everything, this is your town man. I don’t give a shit where I go.”

Part 1

Part 2



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