Nicholas Ridout – The Pike Place Busker

This video is of a good friend of mine, Nicholas Ridout, the best damn busker in Seattle. Look him up if you ever head down to the Pike Place Market, he’s usually playing somewhere out there. If you find him, tell him Cody sent you, then throw him a couple bucks and do your self a favor and just shut up and listen.

Nick, he’s a wanderer, a drifter, a stand tall maestro, the quiet type who begins strumming his guitar and the world disappears around him. Watch his eyes as he plays. Thing is, he’s around today, but where he is tomorrow even he doesn’t know exactly, something I can respect in a man because it’s a trait so few can own to. If you see him, be sure to drop a buck, he’ll disappear when your not looking.



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4 responses to “Nicholas Ridout – The Pike Place Busker

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  4. I was having lunch in the Post Alley and really enjoyed Nicholas’ music so much, I bought a CD. Any chance you know if he has any recording of him playing his banjo or playing with his wife or girlfriend, thats what he was playing that afternoon and was doing some songs with her, its was really awesome and I would love to get my hands on more of their music. The CD I got is definitely good, but much more bluesy and just guitar/harmonica compared to what i heard him play the other day. I couldn’t find any other method of contact so thats why i am bugging you. Let me know, thanks!

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