Music – Mesmerizing and Hypnotic

Emily Wells:

Mesmorizing, trippy music

In the right hands, the violin can be hypnotic, which is most certainly the case here in Emily Wells song “Symphony 2 & the Click Boom Boom”.   Put on some head phones, lean back, close your eyes, just disappear for four minutes.

Sigur Ros

You can’t get much more hypnotic than Sigor Ros.  They are who I listen to when I simply feel like sitting back to contemplate things, often letting the music guide my thoughts (they are a great band to listen to while writing).  Their songs are not necessarily complex, but their rhythm, the epic length of some songs, the unique vocals, and the mysticism  carried with the language, it all works together to create something utterly unique.


M83, named after the galaxy I’m assuming, has a wide range of styles.  Often they sound both ’80’s nostalgic and ahead of their time, but they are always intoxicating.  I often fall asleep to their album “Digital Shades Vol. 1”, but my favorite albums are “M83” (Self Titled), and “Before the Dawn Heals Us”.

Broken Social Scene:

What can I say about Broken Social Scene other than they are fantastic.  Their debut album is very understated, mellow is the name of the game here, and apparently it sounds great at home, but its boring to play live at a show.  Because of this, their sound is much more upbeat later on, though it retains many of the same elements.  I once heard them described not as a band, but as a group hug, and I think that’s accurate.



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