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S.C. Barrus, S. Cody Barrus, Away and AwayLast week I highlighted a few musicians from Ted, my favorite web site on all of the internet, if you haven’t yet checked it out, be sure to.  Just watching one video from Ted a day will make you more educated, informed, cultured, and perhaps interesting in casual conversation.

Over the past week, I went back through some of my favorite ted talks by writers or about writing, and I have found the three best ones out there, one which was posted just this week.  These videos can be a bit long, so I’ll put them in order of length so that you can judge your time wisely.

This first video is of poet Suheir Hammad.  To describe the power of this video, allow me to share this brief anecdote.  While watching Ted Talks, I’m often doing other things at the same time, such as cleaning or doing the dishes, menial tasks so I can stay focused on the speaker but be productive at the same time.  While listening to Suheir Hammad, I literally stopped in my tracks because it took my breath away.  It was the feeling that you get when someone describes something perfectly that you’ve been feeling but were unable to articulate.  This video is special, heart breaking, and hopeful, all at once.  Don’t miss it.

This video is of the writer Elizabeth Gilbert, whom I have never read but I probably should.  She discusses the phenomenal success she achieved early in her career, and the stress involved in living up to that success.  She also discusses the idea of a genius in the ancient sense, which is facinating.

And last we have J.K Rowling talking about failure.  Ironic, I know, she having written the world wide movement that is Harry Potter.  For those of you who love her, this video will inspire you, she feels very down to earth and she goes into her past, back before she had more money than the Queen of England.  For those of you who don’t like her writing, I still suggest you listen.  She only discusses Harry Potter minimally, and her life before he success is fascinating.

Farewell from S.C.B.


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