The Black Keys – New Blues

The Black KeysNew timey blues rock, old timey anthems, they sing about a world gone strange with catchy riffs full of heavy distortion.  The Black Keys, the best mainstream band out there, in this statement I am 100% confident!  But, as usual, why read about them when you can listen.

The Black Keys - Blues RockThey burst with both a fresh sound and nostalgia, an odd combination, to be sure, but one that works well for them, a sound they own.  The only comparable band I can ever think of is The White Stripes, and only because they are both two man bands.  And The Black Keys are better.

One area where this band excels is the variety within their particular sound.  They play blues rock, to be sure, but within  that they have psychedelic anthems, hard rock and grunge throw backs, old timey love songs, all of them thick with rhythm, slippery with it, you cant help but bob your head.

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Farewell from S.C.B.


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