I Like Cold Beverages!

S.C. Barrus, S. Cody Barrus, Away and Away It’s true.  I do like cold beverages!  And so, when I caught myself, while driving, thinking about how much I actually enjoy cold beverages, I decided to blog about this love for 500 words or so.  Why, you ask.  Heh, I got nothin’ better to do.  Before we begin, be sure you take your shoes off, go to the fridge, grab your self a cold beverage, and listen to this song carefully, it’s important.


My Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Cold Beverages:

Rules are, there are no rules (except it’s got to be good cold).

5. Honest Tea – Even without the clever name, Honest Tea is the best premade tea drink you can get your hands on.  “Just a tad sweet” is their motto, which is good because I hate too much sugar, or even worse, too much high fructose corn syrup (if it’s made in a lab, don’t put it inside me).  Honest Tea has a ton of choices too, so if you are a fan of tea, you’ll likely find something you like here.

4. Prometheus Springs –  Are you feeling daring?  Try Prometheus Springs, I gave a sip to a girl at work and she shouted saying “It’s too spicy!”  Yeah, you read that right, a spicy cold beverage!  It is chalk full of a chili pepper extract called Capsaicin, which they claim has amazing health benefits.  I don’t know if it does, but damn does it make a unique and tasty beverage, one that’s perfect for these long winter nights.

3.  Dry Soda – Light and refreshing, Dry Soda is some pretty great stuff for those of you who are not fans of sugar, like me.  In fact, Dry Soda only has something like 4 ingredients all together.  My favorite flavor is Lavender (don’t judge me), but my wife likes Vanilla Bean.  With other flavors like Juniper Berry, Cucumber, Lemongrass and more, you are bound to find flavors you never expected to find in a soda here.

2. Reed’s Ginger Brew – That’s right, they don’t call it a soda, they call it a brew, which is perfect for Reed’s.  I love Ginger Beer (Or Ginger Ale, whatever you prefer), and nothing has more ginger in their beer than Reed’s.  Powerful, yet oh so satisfying, get the Extra Ginger if you are suffering from the chills or need some excitement in your life.  When I’m feeling good, I go pick up a four pack (they don’t sell them in six) for me and my favorite coworkers, I cannot recommend Reed’s enough!

1. Kombucha Wonder Drink – Let me prefice this by saying, I don’t make a lot of money, and Kombucha Wonder Drink is roughly $3.50 a bottle, yet I buy this drink over any other I have ever had.  Kombucha Wonder Drink is a tea that has been fermented, for health reasons I guess, but the taste reasons are good enough for me.  I prefer the Ginger Pear over all others.  I’m serious when I say don’t let the smell of viniger push you away from this delicious beverage, Kombuhcha is wholly unique and dreadfully tasty.  A warning though, there are many imitators popping up as of late, but none of them match up to Wonder Drink, not even Honest Tea’s comes anywhere near close.  Do not buy an imitator, go for the real thing.

Where to find these drinks: The best place to go when looking for a good cold beverage is PCC Natural Markets, however QFC is also good.  Whole Foods is probably too, but I don’t go there because they take my whole paycheck.

Dishonorable Mention – SAFEWAY:  You want a good drink selection?  Well then, do not go to Safeway.  Other than Pepsi and Coke products, pickings are slim.


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