S.C. Barrus’ Guide to Quit Smoking

S.C. Barrus, S. Cody Barrus, Away and AwayYou might be aware that aside from my fiction writing, I am also the Managing Editor over at the website AllTreatment.com, where I write on just about anything related to the world of addiction.

Yesterday I completed my guide to quitting smoking, and I am rather proud of it, so I thought I would post up the table of contents here. What makes this guide different than your average online guide is it is not simply scientific facts thrown at you.  While the facts are certainly there, I decided to approach quitting in a more personally relatable way.  I framed the struggle to quit as a battle and used Sun Tsu’s The Art of War as a reference point of how to do war with your enemy, and what kind of tactics to expect.

The goal was to make something informative and entertaining, and I hope I pulled it off.  So, if you need help quitting, or if you know somebody who does, why don’t you give this guide a try.

Quit SmokingTable of Contents

1. IntroductionNicotine, the main addictive chemical found in cigarettes, is unique to the drug spectrum.  It is legal, highly addictive, and readily available at any gas station or grocery store you might find yourself in during your day to day activities.  In 2000, smoking tobacco was so wide spread 1.22 billion in the world were known to smoke.

2.1 “Why is nicotine so addictive?” – The DeceptionThe best way to fight something is to know your enemy. Sun Tzu said, “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled.”

2.2 “Why is nicotine so addictive?” – DopamineSun Tzu says, “Take advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness; travel by unexpected routes and strike him where he has taken no precautions.”  Nicotine is a fierce warrior, and this is his major, most bloodthirsty tactic.  By using routs already set up in our brains to keep us alive, nicotine tricks your brain and keeps you addicted and dwindling

2.3 “Why is nicotine so addictive?” – MemoryNot only is our enemy sly, devious, and an expert at manipulation and sabotage, he takes advantage of his conquest by multiplying them in a very crafty way.  He enhances the memories of the good feelings brought about by his trickery.

3.1 What to expect while quitting – High Strung EmotionsBy now, it should be no surprise that the quitting is hard, however, there are tools at your disposal, and the most powerful tool of all is knowledge.  The trick to overcome the metal and physical hurdles ahead is to arm yourself for the fight by knowing your enemies battle strategy.

3.2 What to expect while quitting – Trouble Concentrating/SleepingNicotine is a stimulant, so when quitting you experience the lack of the external stimulant your body had become used to, and as a result you might find yourself tired or worn out through out the days, and restless through the nights.
3.3 What To Expect While Quitting – Quitters Coughnicotine paralyzes cilia, the little hairs which pull junk out of your lungs.  So, not only are cigarettes filling your lungs with tar, but they are disabling the sweepers which pull the tar out.
Farewell from S.C.B.

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