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My name is S.C. Barrus, at least in the literary world, but my friends call me Cody.  As well as being a writer of Fiction, Short Fiction and Poetry, I am the Managing Editor of the web site AllTreatment, which recently was awarded the 4th best blog on overcoming addiction.

I also run a new blog, The Art of War Against Nicotine.  Other than the articles, essays, and interviews I publish though AllTreatment, my most recent published work is a poem in the A Word With You Press anthology The Coffee Shop Chronicle, and my short story “The Hanging Gardens” will be published in the 2011 edition of Bricolage Magazine.

Works In Progress:

If you are interested in seeing the creative process behind the writing of my current short story in progress, “My name is SARA, how may I help you”, be sure to check out my ongoing series on its production.

The Art of War Against Nicotine

My newest project, and my first attempt at the genre’s of non-fiction and self help.  This project began as a small guide to quit smoking which was published on the All Treatment website, but soon grew into it’s own blog which will culminate into a book, the blog eventually working as supplemental material.

To learn more, click here.

Everything Else By The Wayside

Everything Else by the Wayside is by far the most complicated project I have started to date, and at the same time, the most rewarding.   I have a few goals with this book, and I hope you will excuse me if they are lofty.

The first goal occurred to me while I was flipping through a book entitled 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die wherein I found some of my favorite authors; Herman Hess, Kurt Vonnegut, Flannery O’Connor, Dante, etc.  Immediately I knew, this is where I’m aiming, to write one of the 1001.

It’s a high star to shoot for, I know, especially for an author who has yet to publish a major work, but I am a dreamer who aims high and hopes God will sort out the rest.

The Island and the Sea

If you came to any of my recent readings, you more than likely heard an excerpt from my project The Island and the Sea.  This novel follows the adventures of literary professor Dr. Franklin P. Fitzgerald as he follows his good friend Dr. Thadeus Lumpen, of the archeology department, on ‘the adventure of a lifetime’, with his mute, yet very talented, man servant Old Chap, and the mysterious Miss Newton, in tow.

It is a comic, yet sometimes dark adventure to a Island which holds an ancient and disturbing secret.  Look for more news when I have more to give you.


Lastly, here’s some info about me.  I studied creative writing at the University of Washington.  Once, I taught my younger brother to play guitar, now he is far better than I ever was.   I’ve just decided I want to learn either Muay Thai so I can kick ass like Tony Jaa (all knees and elbows), or Krav Maga because, well, its Krav Maga [update: just began conditioning in order to learn Kung Fu. Six months of stretching, here we come!]

I have a lucky coin, I *heart* Invisible Children, Gin is my drink (Hendrick’s when I have the money), though I proudly drink Whisky, and love a good micro brew.   I rock climb when able, hike all spring and summer long, and sometimes I write.  I’m also prone to get caught up in tangents.

S.C. Barrus


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