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Upcoming Event – S.C. Barrus Reads “The Hanging Gardens”

S.C. Barrus, S. Cody Barrus, Away and AwayMy short story “The Hanging Gardens” was recently accepted into this years edition of Bricolage, the University of Washington’s literary arts magazine.  They also invited me to read at the magazines release party in May.  If you missed my first book reading, or if you came but couldn’t get enough, be sure to come.  Thing is, I don’t know what day or what time, all I know is that it will be in May, so clear you schedule all May long to make sure you can make it.  I’ll give more info when more is given to me.


“The Hanging Gardens” – S.C. Barrus – May TBA

Farewell from S.C.B.


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Issaquah Coffee Company Event Coverage

S.C. Barrus at the Issaquah Coffee CompanyI finally, after running two virus scans, a registry cleaner and defraging my computer, got my computer running properly once again.  So, I fixed the errors I had with the video I uploaded, as well as finished uploading clips from the event at the Issaquah Coffee Company.

Once again, thank you to everyone who showed up, and especially to those of you who bought a book.    If you want a copy and you know me personally, just let me know and I’ll give you a copy for $10 (sorry, no discounts, they’re expensive to make).  If you don’t know me, be sure to come by my next book reading event or seek me out on the streets of Seattle or Issaquah because they are not going on sale on line, not for a good long while anyway.  Right now I have a batch of 20 printed, many of them sold, and inside the front cover it is labeled “1st printing”.  Next batch I order will be a batch of rougly 100 and labeled “2nd printing”, and so on, so if you are planning to be a fan for the long haul, be sure to get your hands on an early copy, they might just be a collectors item some day (that’s the plan anyway).  Call me, hunt me down, stop me on the street, look for me at The Issaquah Coffee Company, at Round Table Pizza (for now anyway), just don’t try to get it online or through comments, cause you wont get it.  You can try emailing me, but it wont go through the mail (unless you have a great website, such as The Last Chance Texaco.  Read his story.).

Anyway, below are the videos of me reading excerpts from The Island and the Sea, and Everything Else by the Wayside. The short story “The Hanging Gardens” (which is in the running for the best prose piece of the Bricollege Magazing, I’ll let you know if it makes it when I know) is not here because the camera died midway through the filming of it.  There are also Photos of the event if you scroll way down to the bottom, all of them taken by my lovely wife, Tana, who did a great job capturing the atmosphere of the show.

The Island and the Sea: Part One

The Island and the Seat: Part Two

Guest Musician – Valeri Lopez

Guest Musicians – Jason Barrus and Ian Christensen

Everything Else by the Wayside: Part One

Everything Else by the Wayside: Part Two

Photos – The Night Before

Photos – The Night Of

Thank you Ryan and those of you at the Issaquah Coffee Company for letting me put this on.  Jason Barrus, Ian Christonson, and Valeri Lopez for playing great tunes.  Thank you Steve and Angela Barrus for help financing the printing of the book.  Stuart and Brit Heath, Bret and Shirley Heath, they know what they did.   Thanks Chad Riddout for the camera, Markus Harris for the Cord, Kyle Winkle for the Mic, Sarah Cox for picking up the Mic, and everyone who showed up to listen to me talk for an hour and a half.

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TODAY!!! S.C. Barrus Book Reading at The Issaquah Coffee Company

S.C. Barrus at the Issaquah Coffee Company

TODAY!!! Special Guest's Jason Barrus and Valeri Lopez!

That’s right, TODAY at The Issaquah Coffee Company 5PM, I will be reading excerpts from both of my novel’s in progress and a short story.  We will begin with some adventure in the novel The Island and The Sea. Next a taste of my work in progress of the last three years, Everything Else By The Wayside. Finally, we will end with my short story “The Hanging Gardens”, a folktale.  A few songs will be played before the reading, as well as a song between each story.  It should be a fun time, so be sure to come.

Farewell from S.C.B.

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Come One, Come All: S.C. Barrus Live Reading

S.C. Barrus at the Issaquah Coffee Company

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Open Mic: Afterword

I just got back from the open mic at the Henry Art Museum, but better than that, I convinced a good buddy of mine, Acey, to come with me. We hung out with some kids in the cafe, they all brought their notebooks with poems, their guitars; I brought my short story “Tall People”.

Right here should be the video I was going to record, me reading “Tall People” in public for the first time, but fate had other plans.  I asked Acey to familiarize himself with the camera, we were borrowing it from my friend Chad, and I wanted to make sure there were no hick ups.  He slides in the tape, which cost me $10 from Radioshack (rip off), and after a second of fiddling with it he looks over at me and says, “I put the tape in backwards, yeah, it’s jammed.”  I didn’t get the tape out till just a few minutes ago.  So there is no video.  Perhaps next time.

I read the story and I only stuttered two or three times, which I was proud of.  As I was leaving the open mic, a girl took me to the side and briefly introduced me to the editor of some magazine.  They told me to submit the piece and it will be published, so I sent it in, and now heres to crossing our fingers that they go through with it.  I also submitted another short story of mine which is part of a series of stories called “The Cowboy Grim Reaper: in The Face of Death”.  It is my tale of a soldier who is nick named “The Cowboy Grim Reaper”, but I won’t go into specifics.  Once it’s published you can read it.

After the Open Mic, Acey and I headed down to Flowers where we drank a glass of Hendrick’s Gin, which I maintain is the best Gin out there and thus the best alcohol, and munched on a hummus plate.  I just have to say, if you live in the Seattle area, be sure to check out Flowers, great food, fantastic drink selection, everything a starving artist could want.

Finally, I have decided not to post any of my work in its written form until it has been published.  However, video of me at readings, or recordings I will post.  This way I can still, hopefully, get paid for some of my stories without them being “previously published”.  Yes, that’s lame, but when you drive a car with a missing window and stolen stereo, and can’t afford to get replacements you’ll understand.  However, in the coming months, I’m going to try to flood this blog with content if I can.  In fact, right now I’m going upload a few recordings.

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Open Mic Night

Tomorrow night, Thursday Jan 13 at 6:00, I will be reading a short story at the UW sponsored open mic called The Monthly Quorum located at the Henry Art Gallery Cafe.  If you somehow become a reader before then, which is unlikely because I opened the site last night in a half asleep waking dream, you should stop by, listen to me stutter and say “Hi”.  I promise, if you buy me a drink I will be very pleasant.

While this will not be my first open mic, it will be my first where I read a short story (The Monthly Quorum leans toward story and poetry readings rather than music, though they let you play music too.  That is, I assume it is leaning toward stories and poetry, I’ve never been before.  What if its not?  What if you read this, show up, watch a bunch of Folk singers, and here I am shrugging and shaking my head.  Well, then you’d definately better buy me a drink.)  I’ve been to a bunch of open mics in the past where I sang my own particular brand of ‘muzak’ even though I’m not that great of a singer.  I still had some kid ask me for his autograph, so I signed a beer stained napkin, winked and said “here’s lookin’ at you kid”.  I am prone to embellishment, by the way.  It’s all right though, I’m a writer.

I plan on reading my short story “Tall People” because it has served me well in the past (I showed it to a director and he asked me to adapt it into a script for him.  The movie will be in production next month I think.).  It has a very hopeful atmosphere about the whole story, but it turns very dark at the end, so I am curious to see how people react.  I’m sure someone will be pissed, but I’ve been practicing my Mauy Thai after watching Ong-Bak and Human Weapon, in other words I hop through the air flailing my arms and legs when nobodies watching.

So, hope to see you there, but it’ll be a miracle if I do.  Either way, wish me luck.  When I do this professionally I swear I’ll bring my own recliner…

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