Published Work

The Hanging Gardens A short story recently selected for this years issue of Bricolage (The University of Washingtons Literary Journal), which will be released in May.  At it’s most basic it’s about love.  It is also about the journey, about art, acceptance, motivation, and perfection, about growing old, about death, and about God.

The All Elusive Book – You cannot buy my book online or in any store.  The only way you can get a copy is if you get it from me personally.  I won’t tell you the name, but if you look for it, you might find it somewhere on the internet.  If you want a copy, find me in person, hunt me down, look in Seattle and Issaquah, I regularly get coffee at the Issaquah Coffee Company and frequent Malarky’s.  Just don’t expect a copy to reach you by mail.  There are a limited number of copies, so if you want one, get one soon.

Rehabilitation Directory

As the Managing Editor of, I publish many articles, interviews and blog posts on a regular basis.  The following are just a few of my favorites.

Award Winning Blog Post: Obama on Drug Control, MarijuanaTop 100 Blogs for Overcoming Addiction ranked the blog the #4 Best Blog for Overcoming Addiction, crediting this post as the best on the site.  In it I discuss Obama’s answer to the drug control question, which he shrugged off the last two years.  I also go into the specifics of what effects this sort of policy change would have.


L.E.A.P. Speaker on ProhibitionHere I talk with Narcotics Agent an d LEAP Speaker Russ Jones on the War on Drugs and why he thinks it failed.  In the interview I try to remain impartial, however I share Jones’ opinion on the drug war through out the piece.

Interview with Mexico Drug War Expert Sylvia Longmire Sylvia Longmire is an intelligence professional who specializes on the drug cartels in Mexico.  She talks about some eye opening stuff in this interview.  You can find her personal web site here.


CoffeeYou can find this poem in the coffee oriented collection The Coffee Shop Chronicles Vol. 1: Oh, The Places I’ve Bean published by A Word With You Press.

Not Quiet Published

Short Film: Tall People – An indie film director, Danjuma Mallum, sent out a request for short stories.  I sent him a copy of “Tall People” and he asked me to write him a script for a short film he can take to film festivals.  Currently, the script is finished, and once the director has moved on from his current project, he will begin filming “Tall People”.  Tentatively set to be filmed in March 2011, so I’m crossing my fingers on this.  I will let you in on news as soon as I hear any, so check back often.


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  1. The great Richalis

    Hey dude, it’s Rich. I’d like to check out a copy of your book. I’ll be in town next weekend, i think i’ll be crashin at Rikers on friday night. Lemme know the details on how to obtain said copy of siad book.

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