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One Week Internet Free

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve posted a lot of content lately, roughly a post a day.  While I have been enjoying the process and the results, it has eaten up great chunks of time which I would normally use to: write, yoga, hike, read, sleep, punch my punching bag, hang out with friends, etc.

So, for the following 7 days, I will not post another post.  In fact, I plan to be relatively internet free, using the net just to check my email and watch The Daily Show.   This is not my first time doing this, I generally go about a week internet free every two or three months or so, basically when I’ve noticed I’ve spent too much time online.

If you are interested, you should give this a shot with me.  It will be generally painless, will give you time to finish reading that book you’ve never had time for (I’m going to finish reading Herman Hesse’s Narcissus and Goldmund), and just get you off your butt in general which is always a good thing.  Spring is on it’s way, so I think I’m going to head outside a bit more.

Good luck guys, see you in a week.




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